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Home remodels and inaccurate estimates on public records will affect a property's price — and a potential buyer's interest in it. Let Associated Appraisers of North Idaho give you a reliable evaluation of property dimensions to establish a fair, unbiased value when purchasing a new home, marketing a property to potential clients, or reducing property taxes.

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What are measurement services?

A measurement service is just what it sounds like: An appraiser measures the dimensions and square footage of your property, then draws a basic or highly detailed floorplan based on your requirements. The appraiser's report and floorplan is a form that can be used to prove a precise Gross Living Area (GLA), the sum of all livable space, of your home. These services are useful and sometimes necessary when challenging property taxes or selling a property.

How does a home measurement or floorplan service work?

During a measurement or floorplan service, a certified appraiser measures the home or property with a measuring tool — either a tape measure or laser measuring device. As they walk the home, they observe the layout of the rooms and other features, like closets, hallways, and pantries. They may sketch the property. Then, the appraiser writes up a report and detailed floorplan showing the total area of the home and the overall layout. The finished product is a document that can be used to prove certain specs of your property — like the Gross Living Area (GLA) — on tax documentation, property listings, and more.

When do I need a measurement service?

Challenging property taxes

Tax records frequently reflect inaccurate area of a property because the values can come from several sources, and occasionally go unverified — meaning you may be taxed for more square footage than you own! Unless a certified appraiser has recently executed an evaluation on your property (after any renovation that may have affected square footage), you'll need one to perform a measurement service before attempting to dispute what you're taxed. An appraiser will verify the accurate Gross Living Area (GLA) of your property so your taxes reflect your actual square footage — and you can stop overpaying.

Selling a home or property

A floorplan service can secure fair market value for your property. Living space is one of the most important elements potential buyers examine when purchasing a house — but since these values are frequently estimated rather than accurately measured, your home listing might reflect less Gross Living Area (GLA) than it can take credit for. An inaccurate GLA could potentially decrease the price of the property as well as the number of potential buyers. The only reliable method of using an accurate GLA when listing your property is to refer to a recent appraisal or measurement service executed by an appraiser (after any remodeling that may have affected square footage).

For agents

To make certain that your client's property closes at a price that properly reflects market value, we advise asking for a home measurement of the property. Your clients, and especially potential buyers, will be grateful for your scrupulousness, and you can be confident in knowing the GLA on your client's listing is a true representation of their home. A floorplan can also be a fantastic marketing tool to entice potential buyers since they can view the layout and details of the property before and after touring. Contact us to find out more about our floorplan services.